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Acupuncture Points – Windows on the Surface of the Body

Close your eyes and look within, you may see all the acupuncture points surrounding you like a night sky full of stars. It is unquestionable that the body of theory from Chinese medicine and acupoints dates from 2,500 to 5,000 years ago, when Taoist philosophy and the practice of martial arts and meditation were at its peak.

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Acupuncture Points - Windows on the Surface of the BodyDid it evolved through the wisdom of the ancient sages that in their meditation they could feel the energy flow along the meridians and see the acupoints? Or it was a simple trial an error that soldiers in a battle begin recording the instantaneous healing of ailments though the piercing of arrows on points seemingly unrelated to the location of their symptoms.

The acupoints selection and treatment methods are extremely wide depending on school of thought and the style of practice.

Acupuncture Points - Windows on the Surface of the BodyAcupoints and meridians are for the western mind a big puzzle; we are looking for the scientific proof, but we are still far beyond an answer. Today studies using MRI states ” …that specific and largely predictable areas of brain activation and deactivation occur when considering the traditional Chinese functions attributable to certain specific acupuncture points.

For example, points associated with hearing and vision stimulates the visual and auditory cerebral areas respectively.” Traditional Chinese Medicine has its own understanding about acupoints.

The body’s energy circulate along meridians or channels which connects the inside tissues and organs to acupoints, or windows on the surface of the body. By piercing a metal needle on an acupoint you harmonize the flow of energy simultaneously into a local or distal area and to a specific internal organ, or even to balance a human emotion related to that organ system.

There are 720 acupoints on 14 meridians, plus another internal meridians and many extra meridian points, allowing an expert acupuncturist to combine the right points and to do miracles in an hour treatment.