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Barefoot Shiatsu Practice Class

Every month we prefer to hold a Barefoot Shiatsu Practice Evening. Sometimes all Barefoot levels will be together, other nights it will be separated. We love to support your Barefoot Shiatsu skills.

All levels are most welcome.


After having so much relaxation with the yin meridians last Barefoot Shiatsu Evening, lets explore and deepen more the yang meridians of the body. Which moves of the yang meridians, do you want to refresh and receive?

Please let us know by phone, email or text that you come.

Phone: 808-575-9888
Text: 808-281-5539
Email: info@threetreasures.com

Next Class – Please Call Us To Schedule
“Explore and deepen the yang meridians of the body”
5:30PM – 8:30PM
Fee: $20