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Meet our Colleagues

Dr. Joie “Yasha” Taylor

Meditation and Movement Teacher

Dr. Joie “Yasha” Taylor is a meditation and movement teacher on Maui, Hawaii. She is an avid meditator and has practiced Vipassana, Za Zen, Tibetan and Osho awareness techniques. Her interest lead her to India in 2006 where she was trained in hypnotherapy and basic NLP, guiding meditation, Osho therapies, and dehypnosis. Since then she has offered group and individual sessions in Hawaii, Atlanta, Dallas, Santa Fe, North Carolina.

She is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and the Osho International Meditation Resort.  She has seen the benefits of meditation and healing arts in her personal life with life changing results.

Her personal experience brings depth into her work. She is known for her caring approach and she supports people gently through their transformation. Being a dancer and musician adds a colorful element into her work.

Meditation and hypnotherapy can affect people in different ways. It can bring you into a space of relaxation, to healing traumas, increased awareness and self-esteem.

For more info please visit her website:  Body Mind Wellness

Sa’arah E. Felix

Sacred Awakening Guide

Sa’arah E. Felix has been studying healing modalities for over 20 years. She started out in Switzerland with Reiki in 1990 and soon after got trained in Metamorphosis.

Still in Switzerland she participated in various fire walks which let her experience “this powerful energy inside”.

The Kahuna Healing training with Suzan Wiegel in Germany led her to Hawaii in 1997. Here she received her Reiki Master attunement, studied among others Chi Gong and the powerful, ancient practice of Kunlun Nei Gung™.

Sa’arah offers you very special, focused, personalized time in her “Sacred Awakening” sessions. She uses a combination of a Sacred Card Reading, which links us to our subconscious and reveals deeper truths, and her unique Re-Alignment Process, which takes you even further into self-awareness, allowing room for profound shifts to take hold within you.

Sa’arah expresses herself in the Language of Light. She loves to “Awaken your Being, Awaken your Consciousness, Awaken the Deeper You!”

For more info please visit her website: Sacred Awakening

Andrea Kalff

Traditional Korean Shaman

Andrea Kalff was born in 1974 in Prien, Germany. She is the first European to be initiated in South Korean shamanism. As a healer and a person who has overcome numerous obstacles and challenges, coming from a “normal” family life into the way and path of a chosen Shaman, she has helped and inspired people around the world. Being in her presence is enough to feel her power.

Andrea was one day invited to a shaman’s congress in Mondsee, Austria, a well-known congress in that field. While there, she kept to herself merely observing the scene, when a man came up to her saying that Master Shaman Kim Keum Hwa would like to see her. Kim Kuem Hwa, the master, said she knew what had happened to Andrea.

After that Andrea was to come immediately to Korea to receive a Naerim-gut (Korean initiation rite ritual). After an initial reluctance to take the trip, she experienced 11 hard long days of ritual consisting of loud drumming, singing, dancing and testing. The ritual was a success.

Not only was Andrea the first European to be initiated in South Korean Shamanism, but she also passed her testing rituals better than other shamans before her. Andrea began healing others right away, as soon as she arrived back in Germany. This began her path and journey as a Shaman.

For more info please visit her website: Andrea Kalff