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Maui Massage Therapy – Enjoy Deep Relaxation & Healing

Massage therapy brings you into deep relaxation,into increased awareness, back to yourself, to your silence, to the whole, where healing happens.

Thai Massage

Thai MassageThai Massage is a unique combination of gentle rocking pressure and stretching. It is performed on the floor with the client wearing comfortable clothing.

Thai massage incorporates many different kinds of passive stretching, similar to Yoga positions, which increase your flexibility. The stretching and pressure around your joints and meridians loosen blockages and release energy, allowing it to flow freely.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu MassageShiatsu is an ancient pressure technique to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony with the Tao (the whole). It is based on Chinese medicine with its unique wisdom and system of meridians, acupuncture points, Qi and the five elements.

Shiatsu applies gentle but firm pressure with the thumbs, hands, knees and elbows to remove or restore energy from or to the meridians and organs. Shiatsu helps establish a balance state of yin and yang.

Shiatsu Barefoot Massage

Shiatsu Backwalk MassageDeep Shiatsu Barefoot Massage, also called Back Walk Massage, is a variation of deep Shiatsu. The massage therapist applies pressure with his or her feet, which makes it possible to go moderately deep or very deep, according to your needs.

The body mechanics of the therapist helps to stretch thoroughly and open up long held areas of tension in your body. Artfully balancing, we walk and dance on your body, making you feel weightless and bringing you back into balance.

Warm Stone Facial and Body Treatment

Facial Pohaku MassageThis is a special treat. You are bedded on heated flat stones which deeply relax your back and simultaneously harmonize your organs through corresponding acupuncture points. At the same time, warm stones are placed on your chakras to balance the emotional body.

Afterward deep cleansing, nourishing lavender scented sesame oil is applied. The face and neck muscles are massaged with warm, smooth stones which glide over and caress the skin like velvet. The warmth is penetrating and stimulates the fluids to cleanse the tissue. This brings a refreshing glow to the face.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi MassageLomi-Lomi Massage is the Hawaiian Massage inspired by the charm and spirit of the Hawaiian mountains, ocean, land and wind. It is the “hula of massage”.

With the fragrant oils of gardenia, plumeria and jasmine, we open your senses. The rhythmic strokes and flowing movements of Lomi-Lomi take you into deep relaxation, bringing the feeling of Aloha to your heart.

Lomi Lomi Pohaku

Lomi Pohaku MassageLomi-Lomi Pohaku is the Hawaiians lava rock massage, using stones (Pohaku) smoothed by the ocean. The steamed stones glide over your muscles with nourishing avocado and olive oils melting away the tension.

Leaving the stones resting on Acupressure and Chakra points stimulates and energizes your whole system. Pohaku massage is reminiscent of a sunny summer’s day, laying comfortably on a flat sun heated rock absorbing its warmth, strength and wisdom.

To make an appointment for a massage and to get to know our massage specialists, please visit our About Us page or call for an appointment: 808-575-9888.