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Three Treasures

Key Characteristics: clears heat and relieves fire toxicity, heat in the lungs, throat, urinary tract
Properties: bitter, cold
Meridian/Organs Affected: Liver, Lungs, Small Intestine, Stomach
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Lately Andographis has become one of the most commonly used herbs to clear heat and eliminate toxins.  The clinical manifestation include:

  • sore throat, fever headache, cough
  • fire toxins on the skin such as sores, eczema, carbuncles that involve toxic heat; applied topically for snakebites;
  • clears heat and dries dampness: dysenteric disorders, hot painful urinary dysfunction, eczema usually applied topically as an ointment

It also has liver protective properties and it forms the production and the excretion of bile acid.  It has been found  that it has a marked effect on the cardiovascular system by decreasing the average arterial blood pressure in a dose dependent manner without significant decrease in heart rate.