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Three Treasures

Key Characteristics: directs fire downward, clears damp heat in the lower burner
Properties: bitter, cold
Meridian/Organs Affected: Kidney, Bladder
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Phellodendron is an important herb used to clear damp heat accumulation. It treats diseases such as jaundice, dysentery, burning diarrhea, bleeding hemorrhoids, painful urination, arthritis with swollen burning joints. Clinical manifestations include:

  • drains dampness especially from lower burner, thick, yellow vaginal discharge, foul smelling diarrhea, dysenteric disorder
  • damp heat pouring downwards, hot leg qi with red swollen painful knees, legs or feet
  • drains kidney fire, ascending kidney fire disorder, night sweats, afternoon fever, spermatorrhea
  • drains fire and relieves toxicity, sores and damp lesions of the skin.