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Three Treasures

Key Characteristics: clears heat, resolves toxicity, directs downward, facilitates urination
Properties: cool, bitter
Meridian/Organs Affected: Liver, Lungs
Related Product:

  • alterative, antifungal, hypotensive, antidiabetic, bitter tonic, digestive, antibacterial, antitumor, lymphagogue, antiviral;
  • cancer, tumors, leukemia, ulcers, ringworm;
  • allergies, bronchitis, respiratory disorder;
  • lupus, prostatitis, leucorrhea, inflammation of genito-urinary tract;
  • arteriosclerosis, Hodgkin’s disease, Parkinson disease;
  • colitis, gastritis, gonorrhea, hemorrhages;
  • lymphatic congestion, chronic fatigue, candida, other fungal and yeast problems.