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Three Treasures

Key Characteristics: cools the blood, breaks up stasis, promotes the movement of qi, relieves constraint
Properties: acrid,bitter, cool
Meridian/Organs Affected: Heart, Lungs, Liver
Related Product:

  • invigorates the blood and stops pain while promoting the movement of qi and resolving constraint
  • used topically and internally for pain related to traumatic injury and to hasten he healing process of chronic soares as well as such symptoms as chest, abdominal, flank, or menstrual pain from constrained Liver qi
  • Particularly useful for constrained liver qi patterns with heat signs
  • clears heat and cools the blood:for heat in the blood aspects causing chaotic movement of the blood leading to nosebleed at the onset of menstration or instead of menstration known as inverted menses
  • clears heat, cools blood, hot phlegm obstructed heat, anxiety, agitation, seizures, mental derangement
  • benefits Gall bladder and reduces jaundice.