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Bowel Free and Easy

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Stops constipation for robust, strong people who are more prone to heat than cold.

4oz in organic grain alcohol.

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This Formula is eliminating bodily waste from the bowels.

It is quiet a strong bowel mover for robust, strong people who are more prone to heat than cold. It shouldn’t be used as a daily bowel mover. It also can be used for easily over heated people, like a Pitta constitution, to balance and remove excessive heat through the bowels twice a month.

Rhubarb root is bitter and cold and with a strong downward directing action strongly moves the bowels. It washes away accumulated obstruction due to heat. In this way it is used especially for constipation due to clumped heat in the intestine.

Ginger and Licorice promotes the digestive system and helps in this combination to harmonize and prevent any cramping in the elimination process.

Don’t use this formula in pregnancy.

Dosage: 3-6 half droppers full in hot water before bed time. If necessary 3-5x 6 half droppers full in little amount of hot  during day water during the day until stool is eliminated.

Ingredients: Rhubarb root, Ginger root, Licorice.

All ingredients are first choice organic or wild-crafted, second sulfur and chemical free.