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This formula releases constraint and encourages the free flow of liver qi, allowing for open mindedness and a free rambling spirit. It is one of the main formulas of treating women’s disorders ranging from menstrual problems to infertility and menopausal syndrome. Easy Wanderer is famous in relieving PMS, painful menstruation, swollen and painful breasts before menses.

4 oz in organic grain alcohol.

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The main focus of this formulation is to spread the liver qi stagnation, to move blockages and moodiness. Liver qi stagnation and blood deficiency is one of the main causes of gynecological problems.

The herb Bupleurum effectively relieves liver constraint. Dang qui and Peonia work together to nourish the blood and soften the edginess that results from liver constraint. Because the liver easily disturbs the spleen it needs support through Atractylodes, Poria and Licorice. Moutan and Gardenia releases the heat, which is created by the liver stagnation.

Ingredients: Bupleurum, Dang qui, Peonia, Atractylodes, Poria, Licorice, Moutan,Gardenia.

All ingredients are first choice organic or wild crafted, second sulfur and chemical free.