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Sanbao Medicinals – Medicinal Healing Pharmacy

The Formation of the Elixirs

Chinta created her own medicinal healing pharmacy with over 500 individual herbs containing Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbs in tincture form.

Sanbao’s Elixirs preserves the anti aging herbs in rice wine to prolong your life, enhance your mental clarity, strengthen your immunity and increase your virility and fertility.

Anti Aging Herbs

These superior herbs strengthen immunity, increase vitality, relieve stress and promote longevity, while the wine warms digestion and increases circulation and absorption. Just a great aperitif!

Experiencing a close relationship with herbs, medicinal-healing-7and observing how alcohol extracted the bouquet and accentuated the healing properties of the herbs, brought to mind Chinta’s long time fascination with the longevity elixirs of the ancient sages and monks.

She was inspired to begin making rice wine extracts with superior herbs – herbs which tonify the system without any side effects. Incorporating her and Ricardo’s extended knowledge about herbs, ancient formulations, and the flavor and bouquet of the herbs, they created their new line of elixirs.

Famous Anti Aging Herbs served as a Delicious Aperitif

Inner Strength Elixir

anti-aging-herbs-1has a warm, sweet, and earthy taste. This elixir contains one powerful anti aging herb called Codonopsis or Dang Shen. It has similar qualities than Ginseng.

It is a strong energy booster, a stress releaser, digestion enhancer, spleen and stomach harmonizer, lung rejuvenator, blood detoxifier and skin beautifier.*

Elegantly bottled in 14 oz (414 ml) size and priced $40.

Aphrodite’s Elixir

Aphrodite's ElixirHas a wild and sassy taste. This elixir contains powerful anti aging herbs like Schizandra, Rehmannia, Goji Berries, Codonopsis, and Ginseng.

This Elixir preserves youth, beautifies, is a powerful sexual tonic, makes juicy women and virile men, generates vitality, and rejuvenates the kidney and the lung.*

Elegantly bottled in 14 oz (414 ml) size and priced $45.



Goji Heaven Elixir

Goji Heaven ElixirHas a sweet and fruity taste. This elixir contains one famous herb called Goji Berry or Chinese Wolfberry. This Elixir promotes longevity, is a strong anti oxidant, nourishes blood, cleanses the liver, brightens the eyes, improves night vision, lifts the spirit, brings cheerfulness, calms the heart and mind, and strengthen the legs.*

Elegantly bottled in 14 oz (414 ml) size and priced $38.


Treasured More Than Gold Elixir

anti-aging-herbs-8Has a bitter sweet and woody flavor. This elixir contains powerful herbs like Reishi Mushroom and Longan berries.

This Elixir strengthen the spirit, is a powerful immune stimulator, used for tumors, chronic fatigue and allergies, cardio tonic, calms the heart and spirit, reduces anxiety, heart palpitation, lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure, and helps to sleep.*


Elegantly bottled in 14 oz (414 ml) size and priced $49.

Vital-Eyes Elixir

Has a sweet, sour and warm taste. This elixir contains powerful herbs like Goji Berries, Chinese Raspberry, Rehmannia, and Bilberry. This Elixir moistens the eyes, relaxes the gaze, supports clear vision, is a blood tonic, and strengthens the liver and kidney.*

Elegantly bottled in 14 oz (414 ml) size and priced $38.

Rolling Back The Years Elixir

anti-aging-herbs-4Has a rich and creamy taste with a hint of marzipan. This elixir contains powerful herbs like Ginseng, Goji Berry, Rehmannia, Ophiopogon, Poria Mushroom, Apricot Seed.

This Elixir is a deep tonifier, enriches bone marrow, strengthens life force, moistens the organs, builds blood, energizes, builds essence, stabilizes the lower back and releases lower back pain.*

Elegantly bottled in 14 oz (414 ml) size and priced $49.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.