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Water Touch Massage – Melting into Softness

Relaxing into the water, letting go, being held and floated . . .

Being moved by the warm water and loving hands, experiencing and melting into the softness and flow, visiting and reconnecting long forgotten places.

A “Water Touch” gently refreshes and revitalizes our body and reconnects our soul.

“Water Touch” is a massage style applied in a body temperature pool, which relaxes and detoxifies muscles and tissues. As we all know, water is a very healing element, which reaches deep and can wash many aches and pains away.

Water Touch Massage

In a “Water Touch” massage, the therapist assists the water and allows its magic touch to do most of the healing. By surrendering to the water and listening to the breath, we give space to silence and intuitive work.

As the client is floating, the possibilities to apply strokes, movement and pressure from all directions invites the body and mind to relax deeply into the gentleness of the water.

Water Touch Massage

The variety of stretches, through “Water Touch” are endless, multidimensional and incredible to experience.  Floating, moving above and under the water, awakens a resonance with the dolphin, whale, mermaid and memories of the embryo stage.

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