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Barefoot Shiatsu Massage Training Level I – Full Body Sequence

Barefoot Shiatsu Massage Training Level I with Chinta Mackinnon & Priya Forster
Expand your deep tissue technique through your feet. Learn more compressions and new gliding techniques with the feet. Release tension and bring back the body-mind balance through the ancient wisdom of meridians and pressure points.

Various stretches from Yoga and Tai massage are integrated into Barefoot Shiatsu Massage to open up and bring back spaciousness to the body.

What is Barefoot Shiatsu?

Barefoot Shiatsu is a wonderful massage technique, where the energy flow of the whole body gets balanced. The massage practitioner applies pressure and gliding technics mostly with the feet to stimulate the meridian flow to release tension, discomfort and pain in tissues and muscles.

Applying compression and integrating the new gliding technics with the feet allows depth as well as the soothing and nourishing aspect. Massaging with the feet and utilizing balance and body weight allows to give a deep nurturing massage without strain and having four arms instead of two.

To use the feet as a massaging tool, the practitioner learns the art of balance. All the massage movements originate from the center of the body, also called “hara” from where we are connected to the universal energy. With this abundance and right body alignment it is delightful to give a deep, releasing and trans-formative massage.

Using the Wisdom of the ‘Five Elements

The understanding of the ancient wisdom of the “Five Elements” related to our body, mind and spirit, helps the massage therapist to understand the relation of various pains, aches and weaknesses and can then balance the flow of the meridians to which the weakness is related.

Barefoot Shiatsu Massage Training

In this five day workshop of ‘Barefoot Shiatsu Training Level I’ we focus:
Qi Gong and Yoga exercises to find the center “Hara”. Remembering the 12 main meridians and indication of important acupressure points. Learning and experiencing a whole sequence of Barefoot Shiatsu. Applying both compression and new gliding foot techniques with the application of oil.

Three Treasures is a NCBTMB board approved Continuing Education Provider and this workshop qualifies for 21 credit points.

Workshop Fee:
$700 and includes the workshop manual. Save $100 when you register before December 31, 2014!

Training Dates & Time:
February 16-20, 2015 / Monday-Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM

For booking questions or more workshop details please use the contact form or call:
Chinta Mackinnon: 808-575-9888