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14 Days Detoxification and Weight Loss Program

Program Overview

Participating in a 14 days detoxification for loosing or gaining weight while building optimal well being for varies health conditions.

  • Acquire skills while learning about foods that will help you to loose or gain weight and balance your health.
  • Help to prepare three fantastic meals a day to detox and nourish your body.
  • Explore bitter herbs and pungent flavor foods enhancing digestion,  detoxifying, eliminating water retention and inflammation.
  • Examine the beneficial and harmful effects of fats and oils.
  • Investigate the relationship between hormonal imbalance in menopause and weight loss /gain.
  • Receive daily a healing Acupuncture treatments, nurturing Massages and/or Water Touch Session.
  • Enjoy daily mindful exercises like yoga and Qi Gong. Nature hikes, power walking on the beach and swimming in the ocean.
  • Benefit from different meditations and a 7 days body/ mind meditation specialized for your condition.
  • Express your creativity by drawing, painting, and journaling. Assisting you in supporting and shifting your mindset and beliefs, why you eat  sometimes to fill the  void  of your spirit.
  • Reach a new level of caring for yourself by listening and watching videos with esteemed teachers and authors in the field of self acceptance and self compassion.
  • Experience two colonics and indulge into a Spa adventure
    (steam, hot tub and infra red Sauna) at Temple of Peace.

Hot Stone Massage

Inner and Outer Beauty

A 14 days detox and weight loss or weight gain program.
I bet you are thinking the previous statement contradicts itself? However, in holistic Chinese medicine over or under weight, are two sides of the same coin. In other words the spleen, pancreas, stomach and liver “ the digestive system” are out of balance.

In this diet we are supporting and bringing “the digestive system” to equilibrium. For optimal absorption, utilization and metabolism we need enzymes from fermented and sprouted foods along with unrefined organic mineral rich foods.

Facilitators - Chinta MacKinnon & Aviva EngelFacilitators – Chinta MacKinnon & Aviva Engel

Besides weight gain or loss, this diet is beneficial for other health challenges like acid reflux, indigestion, gas and bloating, gallbladder and kidney stones, fatty liver, irritable bowel syndrome, gluten sensitivity, and heart diseases.

In these fourteen days you will gain skills to prepare foods, while having hands on experience.

In this Diet, you take pleasure in eating unprocessed, unrefined whole some foods, which naturally will help you to cleanse, feel strong, nourished and balance your weight and health.

Diet Outline

Day 1 thru 3
In the first three days we are cleansing and purifying the body through an Ayuvedic “Kicharee Cleanse”. This consists of grains, beans and legumes, a perfect protein combination to initiate easing off from the normal diet.

Diet Program - Kicharee CleanseAcquire a variety of skills to prepare different green vegetables using good oils or no fats. Experience fermented foods and their beneficial enzymes contributing to a smooth digestion, absorption and utilization.
Also, look while having a personal experience into the benefits and healing properties of this Ayuvedic diet.

During these three days we will be using herbal formulas and teas to cleanse and strengthen the spleen and stomach.

Day 4 thru 6
In the next days our intention is to slow down the digestive system with lighter foods, enabling the body to use its own fat reserves. This approach will pull out toxins and plaque from the tissues, cells and arteries.

Diet Program - Liquid broth tonics

Start out the day with warming, stimulating and cleansing teas and drinks. Delight yourself with delicious smoothies filled with warming, revitalizing and cleansing whole foods and herbs.

Nourish your core with a tasty variety of fresh prepared vegetables in an enriched, mineral soup for lunch and dinner. In this time the teas and tinctures will be targeting the liver and gallbladder to cleanse and replenish.

Day 7 thru 9
The next three days our focus is nourishing our deepest core by revitalizing the kidneys, where our life force resides.

diet2In this process we will be building our mineral, vitamins and bone strength, with specific herbs, from liquid broth tonics made from bones and marrow of animals. Herbal teas and tinctures will be reinforcing the kidneys and bladder.

Day 10 thru 14
Last and not least, most importantly, a slow integration of foods back into the digestive system; from broth to vegetable soup to vegetable, grains and Kicheree. Which will help you integrate and merge, what you experienced and learned into your daily food choices.

Day 10 thru 14

Workshop Details and Registration

Workshop Fee:
$5000 – save $300 when you register before January 31, 2016!

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Workshop Dates & Time:
March 3-16 each day from 9AM to 5PM

Workshop Facilitators
Chinta Mackinnon & Aviva S. Engel

For booking questions or more workshop details please use the contact form or call:
Chinta Mackinnon: 808-575-9888